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Materials for Extreme Conditions

Extreme environments can have adverse effects on material properties, such as changes in strength or toughness, by affecting composition and microstructure. Designing, modeling, and managing materials in extreme environments is an important mission because it affects platform lifetime, reliability, maintenance, and performance specifications.

Research Areas

  • Ceramics for fuel cells and 3D printing
  • Lightweight materials (infrastructure, space)
  • High temperature sensors, e.g. combustion systems, manufacturing processes (e.g., heat treatment), smart products (e.g., sensors that can be cast in metal) 
  • Polymers designed to enhance other materials (coatings, lifetimes, food storage, etc.) 
  • High temperature Alloys and Composites 
  • Biocompatible materials an in-vitro sensors 
  • Toxicological analysis of new materials 
  • Thermoelectrics
  • Tactile and optical sensors for optically poor conditions 

Affiliated Faculty