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Robotic and Autonomous Systems for Demanding Environments

Robotics and autonomous systems are developed for applications in harsh environments where interactions with robots are difficult to model due to reasons such as dynamics, uncertainty, complexity and unpredictability. Robots of different characteristics and designs are required to perform different tasks within these environments. These topics will highlight how robotics and autonomous systems are handling these demanding environments.

Research Areas

  • Robust decision making under uncertainty (in collaboration with AI)
  • Multi-agent systems, swarms — coordination, control, and exploration
  • Navigation in GPS denied/degraded environments 
  • Human-robot interaction 
  • Robot safety and security (in collaboration with Cyber security), robots in manufacturing 
  • Bio-inspired and soft robotics design (in collaboration with Materials) 
  • Robotics Applications (current and potential)
  • Agricultural robotics 
  • Smart manufacturing systems, including small rural manufactures 
  • Autonomous driving/intelligent transportation/autonomous delivery
  • Health care robotics (robotics surgery, rehabilitation, elderly care) (in collaboration with Health Sciences)
  •  UAVs and other aerospace systems for defense 
  • Non-terrestrial robotic systems (planetary exploration, refueling, docking)
  • Subterranean robotic systems, automated construction and mining 
  • Design, Testing and Characterization of Complex Aerospace Systems 

Affiliated Faculty