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Implantable Devices

Biosensing platforms are rapid and convenient methods for trace amount detection of biological molecules or drugs. By implementing user-designed and user-controlled biosensors, this could allow for rapid response clinical strategies design, while also identifying toxicity, treatment doses options or inhibitor binding. Implantable biosensor platforms could delineate in real time conditions system response, with limited costs of operation and implementation.

Affiliated Faculty

Recent Publications

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  2. Bonciu, A., Wagner, A., Marascu, V., Moldovan, A., Dinu*, C.Z., and Dinca*, V., "Influence of laser-designed microstructures density on interfaces characteristics and on preliminary responses of epithelial cells", Applied Sciences , in press (2020).
  3. Eldawud, R., Wagner, A., Dong, Gupta, N., Rojanasakul, Y., O’Doherty, G., Stueckle, T., Dinu, C.Z., "Digitoxin and user-designed analog cause transformation of human lung cancer cells to a benign phenotype", BBA - General Subjects, in press (2020).