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Food-energy-water Nexus

Food-Water-Energy Nexus involves new technologies that enable interlinkages among the food, energy and water sectors to improve resource utilization efficiencies. Currently, Statler College researchers are looking at energy-efficient iron-based technologies for wastewater treatment and recovery of useful byproducts including nutrients and magnetic nanoparticles. Additionally, researchers are investigating approaches for treating recycled water while ensuring pathogen inactivation and biological stability in distribution system infrastructure and maintaining water quality in irrigation water systems. 

Affiliated Faculty

Recent Publications

  1. M.A. Tony and L.-S. Lin, Attenuation of organics contamination in polymers processing effluent using iron-based sludge: Process optimization and oxidation mechanism, Environmental Technology, July 2020,
  2. M. Ahmed, M. Aziziha, R. Anwar, M. Johnson, L.-S. Lin, Magnetic Sludge Byproducts for Adsorptive Phosphorus Removal: Resource Recovery from Iron-based Anaerobic Sewage Sludge, submitted to Waste Management (in press).
  3. M.A. Tony and L.-S. Lin, Iron recovery form acid mine drainage sludge as a Fenton source for municipal wastewater treatment, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2020,
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  5. G. Khajouei, H. I. Park, H. O. Finklea, P. F. Ziemkiewicz, E. F. Peltier, and L.-S. Lin, Produced water softening using high-pH catholyte from brine electrolysis: reducing chemical transportation and environmental footprint, Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2019 (in press).

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