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Subterranean Robotic Systems, Automated Construction and Mining

Subterranean environments are well-suited for the use of autonomous robotics systems in that they are often dangerous for human workforces. Likewise, the number of underground environments is likely to increase with future population growth. The Statler college has led high profile projects in the area of search and rescue in subterranean environments and the structural monitoring and surveying of mines with the use of cooperative ground robots and aerial drones. This research area covers technologies that can easily expand to the more general application of automated construction. 

Affiliated Faculty

Recent Publications

  1. Gross, J.N., De Petrillo, M., Beard, J., Nichols, H., Swiger, T., …, & Griffin, C., “ Field-Testing of a UAV-UGV Team for GNSS-Denied Navigation in Subterranean Environments” Proceedings of the 32nd Annual International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation (ION GNSS+), Miami, FL, Sept., 2019. pp. 2112-2124