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Automotive and Engine Test Laboratory

MAE has a major research effort in engines and emissions testing. The primary laboratories at WVU for testing engines and emissions are the Engine Research Center and the Mobile Emissions Laboratory.

  • GE Direct Current Motor Generator dynamometer

    Used at the Engine Research Center to perform EPA certified tests on heavy duty engines. Completely instrumented.

  • Superflo Dynamometer

    500 HP high-speed water brake dynamometer complete with engine test stand and cooling provisions.

  • Motor-Generator Dynamometer (60 HP)

    60 HP DC motor-generator dynamometer. Used for testing the SAE Formula car engines.

  • Motor-Generator Dynamometer (15 HP)

    15 HP motor-generator dynamometer. Used for testing the student Baja vehicle.

  • Octane Research Test Engine

    Standard style for spark ignition knock testing. Currently heavily instrumented for fundamental research.

  • Mobile Emissions Laboratory

    Heavy-duty portable chassis dynamometer. A unique system incorporating eddy current absorbers and adjustable flywheels. Capable of testing heavy trucks and buses up to 600 HP and 70,000 pounds gross weight. This unit is mobile and can be moved to operational sites of the vehicles being tested. The emissions trailer uses a full scale dilution tunnel and full complement of instrumentation.

  • Gas Analysis Tunnel

    A mini-dilution tunnel (Mitsubishi) for vehicle exhaust gas conditioning prior to sampling and gas analysis. A sophisticated system which splits the exhaust flow and dilutes only a partial flow, thereby avoiding the need for a full scale tunnel.

  • Gas Analysis Bench

    An exhaust gas bench including laboratory grade HC(FID), CO, CO2 and NOx.