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Ultrasonics Laboratory

The Ultrasonics Lab is focused on developing non-invasive quantitative ultrasonic characterization and in vivo imaging of tissues and cardiovascular system. Research activities combines theoretical modeling, experimental measurements, and system design for in-vivo clinical diagnosis.

The Ultrasonics Laboratory has a well established research collaboration with the WVU Health Sciences Departments and Research Centers. The collaborators are the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Cardiovascular Sciences, the Department of Orthopaedics and the School of Dentistry. These collaborations aim to strengthen and unite basic engineering and translational research in Biomedical Engineering research and teaching activities at West Virginia University.

The ultrasonics lab has state of the art equipment which includes:

  • Laser Ultrasonics System
  • SONIX RP Digital Ultrasound System
  • High Frequency Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy
  • Guided and Surface Wave System
  • Dental Ultrasound Imaging System