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Mechanical Electronics Shop

MAE is also home to an electronics shop and a mechanical shop equipped with state of the art tools. Full time technicians are in charge of these shops. Also, shop technicians train selected students before granting them access to equipment.

Major Equipment

  • Programmable Power Supply
  • Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter
  • HP 500Mhz Oscilloscope
  • Fluke Scope Meter

Major Equipment for the Machine Shop

  • Enco Lathe
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Alliant CNC Mill
  • Birmingham Lathe
  • Power Matic Drill Press Rockwell Belt Sander
  • Do-All Bandsaw

Safety training is mandatory for all students participating on student design projects and all graduate students with access to research laboratories. Safety training is coordinated by the shop supervisor, a full time position. Training is delivered by WVU Environmental Health and Safety on a periodic basis. All labs are audited by EVHS periodically.