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Dynamics and Strength Laboratory

The Dynamic and Strength Laboratory is located in B42. It is used primarily for teaching MAE 244. Here is a list of available experiments:

  • Instron Materials Testing
    Two 1,000 pound electromechanical testing systems capable of tension, compression, and bending testing are equipped with tensile testing grips, ASTM D790 bending fixture and SACMA94 compression fixture. An environmental chamber capable of 70F to +450F is soon to be installed. Both machines are computer controlled with integral data acquisition system.
  • Hardness Testing Equipment Wilson and Riehle hardness testing machines are available for material qualification tests.
  • Photoelasticity, Photostress and Moire Strain Analysis Equipment
    All the necessary equipment to prepare, calibrate and test specimens using these three visual methods of stress analysis is present in the laboratory. It enables overall analysis of structural members and materials under static loads by observing visually areas of stress concentrations and the complete distribution of stresses or strains over the structure. The stress optics bench has a load frame, photoelastic polariscope, Moire projecting equipment and photographic recording equipment.
  • Brittle Coating Kit
    A Tense-Lac brittle coating kit is available for rough, preliminary analysis of the complete stress field in statically loaded structures.
  • Holographic Laboratory Kit
    A HL-1 holographic kit made by Newport Research Corporation can be used for accurate measurements of elastic deformations in small structural specimens. It is based upon a functional building block design concept that allows a variety of experiments in different set ups, either for education or research.
  • Strain Measuring Systems
    Modular systems consisting of various strain indicators, strain gage signal conditioners, amplifiers and both digital and graphical readout equipment provide broad capabilities in strain measurement techniques. The supply materials and tools for specimen preparation, strain gage bonding and strain gage circuitry are all available in the structures laboratory.
  • Digital Data Acquisition Equipment
    A Keithley Series 500 Data Acquisition and Control System provides integrated hardware and software, which is easily configured, used to acquire, reduce, analyze, store and present large volume test data and control a broad range of laboratory experiments.
  • Dual-Channel Spectrum Analyzer
    A dual channel spectrum analyzer is available for the vibration tests performed in this laboratory. Various vibration actuators and associated control and measurement equipment is also available.