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Thermo-Fluids Laboratory

Located in B05, this lab is used primarily for teaching MAE 322. Here is a list of available experiments:

  • Impact of a Jet
    Fluid momentum principles are studied as water jets impart momentum on various shapes of targets as reaction forces are measured.
  • Flow Meter Calibration
    Various types of fluid flow meters including an orifice plate and variable area meters are calibrated against a positive displacement flow meter.
  • Bernoulli Principle
    The flow physics of a pitot-static tube and a venturi meter are examined and compared to standards of flow measurement.
  • Pressure Drop in a Pipe System
    Flow through a pipe network illustrates the principles of friction pressure loss as well as minor pressure loss through fittings such as elbows and valves.
  • Two-Stage Compression
    The thermodynamic principles of polytropic compression processes are examined in a two-stage air compressor with inter-cooling.
  • Heat Exchange Principles
    Convective heat transfer principles are studied as flow temperature and pressure measurements are acquired at the inlet and outlet of a heat exchanger that may is configured in counter flow or parallel flow.
  • Extended Surface Heat Transfer
    Steady state, natural heat convection principles of a heated fin are analyzed and compared to theory as various levels of energy are dissipated.
  • Linear Heat Conduction
    Fourier's steady heat conduction law is demonstrated and studied in various material specimen maintained at various fixed temperatures at each boundary.
  • Enthalpy Measurement
    Temperature and pressure measurements of air or gas flowing through an electrically heated tube permits enthalpy measurements and comparison to standard thermodynamic table data.
  • Feed Water Heater
    An energy balance is performed in an apparatus modeling a feed-water heater of an electric power-plant where steam mixes with a liquid water spray to heat the water.